Project Management

The process and activity of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals is the core element of our business.

  • We are experts at formulating and implementing plans to meet objectives
  • We are skilled at monitoring performance against those plans

Whether it is business, portfolio or individual project, our approach to the planning, control, management and co-ordination from inception through to completion is key.

We deliver a service which is flexible and tailored to the Client’s requirements and we ensure ownership and accountability at a senior level.

Our Project Management Service includes the provision of Employer’s Agent services which include:-

  • Advice on public sector procurement requirements
  • Assistance in design team appointments
  • Procurement options analysis
  • Capital and expenditure budgeting
  • Risk profiling
  • Value engineering
  • Co-ordination of delivery and hand over
  • Scheme reviews
Supported by our ISO 9001 processes and systems, we have created a customer led, business management system.

Our independent and specialist expertise allows our Clients to make investment decisions and avoid any potential risks and pitfalls and provides the skills and resources required to control their programme or project.